Our team consists of experienced lawyers, from the young and passionate ones to the expert and highly proficient ones in this industries, both in litigation and non-litigation legal services. Those lawyers has been giving various legal services throughout their careers prior to joining DDP Law Office, which shaped their skills and expertise in their respective area of

Through DDP Law Office, our lawyers are ready to dedicate their skills and experiences to provide the best legal services to serve client needs especially in their respective area of expertise, amongst other, but not limited to:
Banking and Financing Legal Matters; Capital market law; Commercial Arbitration; Commercial Litigation; Corporate Financing; Foreign investment Law; Forestry Law; Leveraging Assets; General Corporate Matters; International Business Transaction Law, Infrastructure Legal Matters; Intellectual Properties Law; Management of State Owned Assets; Merger, Consolidation and Acquisition; Mining Law; Oil and Gas Law,Private-Public, Partnership Legal Matters; Project financing; Public financing; State-Owned Enterprises Legal Matters; telecommunication and IT Law, Vessel financing, factoring, contract management, and chartering.