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DDP’s Managing Partner providing lectures of PKPA

DDP’s Managing Partner, Dewi Djalal was presenting the topic concerning the law of organization of enterprises. This topic covered the forms of legal entity itself, as Indonesia have six different legal entities. From Limited Liability Company to Partnership, every entity has different requirement of establishment, organ/structure, function and responsibility. Moreover, it is also covered the legal basis of each entity. In the practice, Dewi Djalal also shared her professional experiences, since she was in-house legal counsel and vice president legal at the prominent companies in Indonesia for several years.

DDP’s participation in this special course as a form of social contribution to the lawyering industry. In accordance with the advocate act 18/2003, to be an advocate the law graduates shall have and pass the Bar examination. This course is one of the preliminary requirements before examination stage. Therefore, there are many law graduates that take this course, according to the recent data, the growth of participation on this course is rapidly high in each year.

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Induk Holding Diminta Buat Aturan Baku soal Pengelolaan Aset Negara – Pengamat Hukum Korporasi Dewi Djalal mengatakan, induk holding Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) harus membuat aturan baku dalam mengelola aset-asetnya. Hal ini sebagai tindak lanjut dari Permen BUMN terkait holding BUMN.

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Pengamat: Holding BUMN Perlu Penyempurnaan Aturan

Pemerintah diminta melakukan penyempurnaan atau revisi aturan sebelum membentuk holding Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN). Tanpa revisi, holding akan menyulitkan manajemen BUMN untuk bergerak gesit menghadapi perkembangan dunia usaha.

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Dewi Djalal was Invited To Become Speaker at DPC Peradi

Our Managing Partner, Dewi Djalal was invited to become one of the speakers at DPC Peradi Central Jakarta. This activity was held on 22 November 2019. The theme of this event is SOE Holding from a legal perspective.